Do you need a home visit?

There are times when situations prevent you from leaving your home, which is why we offer our home visit program.

We understand what you’re looking for in terms of your health and your family’s health. That’s why we offer you all the possibilities and treatments


Medical care is a fundamental aspect of everyone’s life, and at SANOS, we recognize that this care should be accessible, timely, and personalized. Often, individuals face challenges in accessing medical care, especially concerning mobility limitations or being bedridden. It’s in these situations that our home medical visits become an essential extension of our services and a demonstration of our commitment to the community.

Our home visits are not just a conventional medical service; they represent a holistic, patient-centered approach to care. We understand that health is not an isolated issue but intricately connected to an individual’s environment and life circumstances. That’s why our professionals conduct comprehensive and detailed needs assessments during these visits. Each patient is unique, and understanding their specific challenges and concerns is crucial to providing care tailored to their needs.

Furthermore, our home visits facilitate effective coordination of additional medical services through referrals. If a need for specialized care or additional medical tests is identified during the assessment, we collaborate with a network of medical specialists and laboratories to ensure our patients receive necessary care. This coordination is essential for ensuring comprehensive and ongoing care.

Our home visits are an effort to overcome these barriers and ensure that no one is left without the medical attention they require.