Everything for your Mental Health

We are sure that taking care of your mental health is as important as taking care of your physical health. That’s why we provide you with everything you need to take care of it here.

We understand what you’re looking for in terms of your health and that of your family; that’s why we offer you all the possibilities and treatments.

This is what we have to take care of you

In Behavioral Sciences, our focus is on mental health and the holistic well-being of the individual. We cover all dimensions of their being, including their physical and behavioral needs, with the aim of enhancing their self-realization, equipping them with the necessary tools to improve their skills and quality of life. Our commitment to excellence drives us to offer high-quality services that promote a healthy and satisfying lifestyle.

Our mental health services are provided on an outpatient basis from an integrated perspective, grounded in cognitive-behavioral therapy. At SANOS, we understand the importance of addressing mental health with a variety of specialized services, including:

  • Community Outreach
  • Case Management
  • Clinical Social Work
  • Psychological Services
  • Psychiatric Services
  • Specialized Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Toxicology Testing
  • Buprenorphine Treatment
  • Specialized Services for Homeless Individuals and Public Housing Projects
  • Medical Evaluation
  • Coordination of Other Levels of Care: Detox, Residential Treatment, Partial Hospitalization, Psychiatric Hospitalization, Referral to Other Service Agencies.
  • PAR Educator

At SANOS, we have a highly qualified team of professionals in the Behavioral Health field, including experts in Psychology, Psychiatry, Social Work, Clinical Social Work, and Counseling. Our comprehensive approach to mental health is designed to provide effective support and treatment to all those seeking to improve their psychological and emotional well-being.